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When a lot of humans anticipate about accomplished lives, if they anticipate of them at all, it is forth the aforementioned curve as digging that old shoe box abounding of pictures out of the closet to bethink about the clothes you wore or the humans you knew. Analytic into accomplished lives is anticipation of in appealing abundant the aforementioned way.

Looking into the accomplished does not advice you or aching you unless you accept a specific botheration that needs addressing. If I attending into someone’s botheration with migraines for example, it can generally advance to abounding affecting problems they accept accumulated over the amount of their life, this life. These affecting problems they accept now are added acceptable than not, triggers for something that happened in a antecedent life. This is why they accompany on the headache. And, all the distinctions such as migraine, or array headaches and etc., that the medical association pins on headaches is so they can advertise added drugs. I achieve no acumen because it is not all-important to the cure of these headaches. These headaches cannot be convalescent by the use of drugs because drugs alone affectation the problem. Like any added dis-ease you accept to locate the causes and allay them in adjustment to cure the problem. Actuality is a case in point:

When my wife formed in Cripple Creek it was in a steakhouse restaurant with a amount of added waitresses, cooks and managers. This archetype apropos one of the added women who was a waitress there. I will accredit to as “Sammy” instead of application her absolute name.

Sammy formed in casinos for abounding years both in Cripple Creek and Las Vegas. She admired to party, occasionally acclimated drugs and in accepted had a acceptable time. It was advised by a lot of of the steakhouse advisers that Sammy would calmly get a cephalalgia about every anniversary to accept an alibi to yield off an added day or to leave aboriginal on poor “tip” days. Sharon however, believed that she absolutely did ache from these headaches and told me about it if Sammy would yield the day off or go home early. I told Sharon to accept her appear see me to annihilate the headaches. This happened abounding times and afterwards a abbreviate while I abdicate allurement Sharon to accept her alarm me.

To my surprise, the buzz rang one day and it was Sammy. She told me that Sharon had told her to alarm me for help. She explained that she was accepting the affliction cephalalgia she had anytime experienced. She said she came home from plan afterwards alone accepting there a abbreviate time. She took about a dozen aspirins pulled the shades to achieve the allowance dark, lay down on the bed and put an ice backpack on her head. Nothing helped in the atomic and it was accepting worse.

I told her to lie still and apply on demography abysmal apathetic even breaths and I would advice her. The accomplished activity issues came up about immediately. Her botheration stemmed from a time about 1,600 years ago on the southern bank of what is today British Columbia. She had been bent in a bedrock accelerate at the bottom of the mountains and been acutely injured. I adapted for this botheration and asked her if the affliction in her arch had changed. She replied that it had and that it had confused adjoin the aback of her arch but still aching just as much.

I connected to investigate the accident and begin that she had collapsed and absurd the aback of her arch on some rocks. Afterwards acclimation this and allurement her if she noticed any changes she answered that the affliction had gone abroad but her arch acquainted mushy. She added that this was just the afterwards furnishings of accepting a migraine. This was a lot of acceptable what some anesthetic man had told her. I told her this was not accustomed and she should lie still and let me yield affliction of this evidence as well. I begin that during this aforementioned accident added rocks had collapsed and one ashamed her head, appropriately the doughy feeling.

The doughy activity was now gone. She said she now acquainted actual annoyed and anemic but that this aswell was just an afterwards aftereffect of the migraine. Afresh I told her that this was not accustomed and begin the memories and added incidentals circuitous with traumas and adapted for those as well.

After I knew that all was taken affliction of I asked her how she felt. She replied in a airy articulation that she acquainted bigger than she had in years and there were no best any furnishings of the cephalalgia left. She did bound add that she wasn’t abiding if she should acknowledgment to plan so I told her she should yield it simple and yield the blow of the day off. She anticipation this was a acceptable abstraction and she thanked me and abashed up the phone.

This absolute healing of Sammy’s migraines took alone about a bisected hour and she never had addition cephalalgia of any affectionate again.

When acclimation for the furnishings of the affections and triggers circuitous does not cure the botheration you accept to attending added for a cause. Generally this leads to a agony that occurred continued ago in a altered activity as I accept accompanying in Sammy’s adventure here.

When I say a altered activity you accept to anamnesis that I ascertain activity as, mind, physique and spirit acting as one. It is appealing absurd for anyone to acquisition these problems acquired by accomplished lives on their own unless they are accomplished in methods of award these things. The alone way to achieve this is to acquaintance your spirit, or the spirit of the getting you are aggravating to help, to get advice to locate the exact moment in that person’s accomplished that is accepting triggered, causing the headaches or any added dis-ease.

As I said, analytic into accomplished lives for the ball amount is not harmful. The alone time it could could could could cause problems is if you, acceptation your acquainted mind, actualize a botheration application some age-old book as a adventure board. These types of problems can just as calmly be created by annual a atypical or history book. If anyone with a actual adventurous apperception combines such scenarios as begin in books or their own imagination, an alternating absoluteness can be formed in their mind. This is effective if you are a biographer of fiction but if you are affected to apparition it could be actual harmful.

So, if you are analytic into accomplished activity corruption for the ball amount it affords afresh go ahead. If you anticipate it will accept some address on your present activity it could to be sure, but a lot of acceptable not for the acumen you would want. Beware of the getting that finds you are the reincarnation of an Indian Chief, a King or Queen, an charlatan or some added acclaimed person. If they acquaint you this or advance you to accept this array of thing, be skeptical. First, attending about you at the blow of the world. How abounding in this apple of 6 billion humans are celebrities of the ability you are accepting told that you were in some accomplished life? What do you anticipate the affairs are that you are some acclaimed getting of the abroad past? The allowance are appealing abutting to zero. Don’t pay out your harder becoming money to be told belief that are all but impossible. Read a book instead and if you accept a acceptable acuteness you can escape into the characters there for a atom of the amount and with no ancillary effects.

Of all the humans I accept helped with problems that accept stemmed from a accomplished life, I accept yet to acquisition a individual one who was any affectionate of royalty, acclaimed or abominable character. What I accept begin are humans of all ages who were traumatized by austere debilitating injuries or situations causing afterlife or at atomic a actual continued abiding and aching aeon in their life.

One actual absorbing abnormality I accept begin is that alcohol tend to abide associated to added alcohol throughout abounding lives. I am abiding a lot of humans accept met others that they feel actual adequate about for no credible acumen that they accept just met. The allure can yield abounding forms but usually there is a activity of assurance circuitous and a accepted activity of absorption in the abounding facets of the added person.

I will chronicle the afterwards book to allegorize just how circuitous these relationships can be. The alone acumen I can accord such an authentic annual of the accompanying accomplished activity and present lives of these humans circuitous in my annual is that I apperceive them all. They are my wife Sharon, her best acquaintance Mary and our granddaughter Kayla. I accept accepted them all for a continued time, my granddaughter from birth, and accept formed on them all as continued as I accept been a healer. I acquisition these relationships through the average of analytic for accomplished activity traumas to cure some present day dis-ease. The adventure I am about to chronicle spans a time of about 30 years through this life.

It began if I aboriginal met my wife over 30 years ago and noticed that she did not like to dive into the pond basin nor even put her face beneath the water. I took agenda of this anxiety but had agitation compassionate it due to my not accepting any phobias, at atomic that I accept yet detected.

It was about 20 years afterwards if I had assertive her to yield a SCUBA diving advance with me to accord us addition accepted absorption pertaining to baptize sports. I was in actuality abashed if she agreed to do it. She in actuality did absolutely able-bodied throughout the advance which was conducted in a pond pool. It was at the accessible baptize accomplishment allocation of the advance that we ran into a problem. The dive was performed central a cavern afterwards abundant ablaze and the baptize was not bright like the pond pool. In actuality it was rather poor afterimage due to the low ablaze additional all the alluvium and algae in the water. At one point she alike in a agitation adage she acquainted like she was asthmatic and couldn’t breathe. She completed the advance and got her acceptance but afterwards absitively she never capital to go diving again.

What had happened during this dive abashed me and I absitively that I bare to analysis her out to see what the botheration was and actual it. I gave her affluence of time, about 2 weeks, to calm down and abate the anamnesis of the dive afore I started. The analysis into her botheration with baptize led about anon to accepting its roots in a accomplished life.

When I seek for accomplished activity traumas apropos to present day problems I alpha by award out how continued ago the agony took place. Afresh I acquisition breadth it happened by visualizing a map of the apple and breadth I am fatigued to on it. Afresh I ask to be apparent what the getting looked like at that time and place. Last I ask to see the adventure that acquired the trauma. I will commonly be apparent a snapshot of the adventure and/or a abbreviate motion account like video blow if added advice is needed.

When I asked these questions I begin that it happened about 10,000 years ago in the Mediterranean area, Egypt to be exact. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, possibly thirty (I am a poor guesser of age and usually it is not pertinent to be exact anyway.) She and some added adolescent ladies were on what looked like a low board belvedere at the bend of the Nile River breadth they were congregating to go swimming.

Sharon affable into the baptize to advice anyone who was in agitation accepting pulled under. The getting affective Sharon’s duke to save herself and would not let go. Consequently they were both drowned.

It was afterwards on by about 2 – 3 years that we were visiting our longtime friends, Mike and Mary, in Arizona. Mary had been Sharon’s best acquaintance for about 40 years. I had abandoned about the accomplished activity acquaintance I had apparent apropos Sharon but had it recalled to me as we were talking to Mary one day.

It came up that Mary was acutely abashed of fish. I jokingly asked her if that included trout almandine. She said no but this is why she was abashed of the water, because she was abashed that a angle ability chaw her or rub adjoin her. I was starting to become absorbed in her anxiety and so asked her if this abhorrence of baptize included her pond pool. She answered no because it was bright baptize and she could see that there were no angle present. So I commented that she was not abashed of the baptize as Sharon is but alone abashed of what ability be ambuscade in the baptize that you can’t see. She accepted this cessation and I asked her if she would like to accept me acquisition out why she had this abhorrence back she had no bond of any alarming acquaintance that ability accept acquired it. She answered yes so I began alive on her and bound begin it to be a accomplished activity antecedent that was the problem.

This is what I found.

The time was about 10,000 years ago in the Mediterranean. This began to complete accustomed already. Next I begin the agony took abode in Egypt on a low board belvedere on the Nile River with some added adolescent girls. This brought to apperception Sharon’s accomplished activity experience. I afresh saw Mary appropriately pond in the river if something bent her by the leg and began affairs her beneath the water. I could feel the awareness but it did not feel like a ample angle or crocodile bitter her but added like accepting bent in the branches of a abysmal timberline that was amphibian past. As she was pulled beneath she started aqueous berserk and just as she went beneath is if Sharon affable in to advice her best friend. Mary grasped Sharon’s duke and abounding with alarm she would not let go. They both drowned.

To allegorize the accurateness that alcohol accept with anniversary added the afterwards took abode about 5 years later.

My oldest granddaughter had consistently capital to apprentice to SCUBA dive with me and just over a year ago afterwards she angry 18 years old, I offered to advise her in our pond pool. To my abruptness she beneath cogent me she was abashed of the baptize acceptance she didn’t apperceive why.

As you may accept guessed, if I arrested for the could could could cause of this anxiety I begin that she was one of the adolescent girls on the belvedere with Sharon and Mary and saw them both go beneath and never reappear.

In anniversary of these cases it appears that the anxiety was triggered by the age of the person. My granddaughter did not accept this anxiety until she angry about 14 or 15 years of age. This coincides with the age I saw her at if the agony she accomplished happened 10,000 years ago.

This book as able-bodied as others I accept appear beyond has assertive me that we tend to approach adjoin spending time with those we accept appear to be actual abutting to no amount how continued amid lives it takes to be reunited.

I generally get glimpses of the approaching of a getting I am alive on or reading. I consistently acquaint the person, if I am traveling to broadcast such advice to them at all, that the approaching is not set in stone. It changes consistently depending on both ample and baby decisions we make. For this acumen I never acquaint anyone if I see their afterlife or the afterlife of a pet or added getting about them. I accumulate this affectionate of advice from them for a brace of reasons. First, it may or may not appear to canyon due to alteration affairs and, secondly because they will afresh agnosticism aggregate I say from afresh on even acceptance I told them it may not happen. The eyes of a approaching accident can change with just the relaying of the advice to anyone because it may achieve them do something altered than they would commonly accept done.

I do about acquaint them about acceptable things I see in a ambagious way by authoritative it a advocacy that they do something that may be fun or advice them acquisition a new job or companion.

I was accommodating in a abstract fair in Denver, Colorado if a adolescent woman came to me rather sheepishly acceptance that she did not wish my advice as a healer but acquainted fatigued to me to ask a question. I had her sit down and asked her what her catechism was.

She said that she had the activity that she should leave the Denver breadth breadth she lived and move about abroad and capital to apperceive if I could acquaint her breadth that should be.

A eyes anon came to me forth with the ability of breadth the abode was. I declared what I was seeing which was her dancing alfresco in a white affection dress with flowers in her hair animated and laughing. The abode is on Vancouver Island in British Columbia in the boondocks of Victoria.

Her eyes widened and she got a huge beam on her face and exclaimed that she had been there once, years ago, and admired it. She didn’t accept the money to move there so I told her to save up and yield a anniversary vacation and go there to see if it was the abode for her. She said she would and larboard actual blessed indeed.

This annual was a actual affable affair for me that I had not accomplished that I bare until then. The all-inclusive majority of the things that I see in the healing branch are abhorrent traumas. They ambit from the bedrock accelerate that dead Sammy and acquired her migraines in consecutive lives to accepting pulled beneath baptize and killing your best acquaintance by boring her down with you. But afterwards this annual breadth all was beatitude and joy I noticed how abundant lighter I felt. It was like accepting on a vacation to heaven. I accept that I shall action this account added often.